What Are Dental Crowns Used For? By Mark Luria, DDS on May 16, 2023

Dental crownDental crowns are versatile restorations that address numerous dental complications. Crowns are like small caps that sit over the visible portion of the tooth to strengthen it, protect it, and enhance its appearance.

At Dearborn Family Dentistry, our dentists offer zirconia crowns. Zirconia crowns are strong enough to restore oral functions and attractive enough to mimic the beauty of natural teeth. Here, we discuss the many uses of dental crowns at our Dearborn, MI, dental practice.

Strengthen Teeth Damaged By Injury or Decay

Dental crowns are frequently applied to teeth damaged by injury or decay. Teeth that have structural damage such as chips, cracks, fractures, or large cavities are vulnerable to decay and other advanced dental complications. Bacteria can work their way into damaged enamel and get to the sensitive nerves and tissues that lie in the core of the tooth, or the dental pulp.

During dental crown treatment, our dentists reshape a compromised tooth to eliminate damage and decay. The dental crown is then bonded to the tooth, providing a layer of strength and protection on all sides of the tooth’s crown. A dental crown restores oral strength and function, and blocks out bacteria to prevent further dental complications.

Enhance the Appearance of Cosmetically Flawed Teeth

Dental crowns are primarily thought of as a restorative dentistry treatment, but they have cosmetic applications as well. Dental crowns can dramatically improve the appearance of a tooth affected by deep dental stains or discoloration. A dental crown is effective at addressing intrinsic stains, which affect a tooth’s underlying layer of dentin. Intrinsic stains do not respond to teeth whitening treatment, so a dental crown is often the best way for our Dearborn patients to brighten and whiten a tooth with deep-set discoloration.

Protect the Teeth After Root Canal Therapy

Dental crowns are commonly placed during root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a deep cleaning that eliminates infection from a tooth’s pulp and roots. During treatment, the nerves and tissues from the center of the tooth are removed. The tooth is reshaped and filled with a rubber-like compound. After root canal therapy, the treated tooth is not as strong. A dental crown is placed to strengthen the treated tooth and provide an added layer of protection to seal out bacteria and discourage future infections.

Replace Missing Teeth

Dental crowns are frequently applied to teeth damaged by decay, injury, or infection. However, dental crowns can also act as a replacement for missing teeth. When addressing tooth loss, dental crowns are attached to dental implants. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw where they fuse with the bone tissues and act as artificial tooth roots. Implant-supported crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They are the tooth loss treatment of choice for many of our patients.

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Dental crowns have many uses, so whether you have a tooth damaged by decay, compromised by aesthetic flaws, or have suffered tooth loss, a dental crown may be the ideal solution. To create a treatment plan with the dentists at Dearborn Family Dentistry, send us a message and request an appointment.

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