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Root Canal Therapy

Advanced tooth decay or infection can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms and make eating or speaking feel impossible.

At Dearborn Family Dentistry, we perform root canal therapy to eliminate pain and protect your oral health against further damage.

It's time to find relief by visiting Dearborn, MI, dentists Dr. Mark Luria and Dr. Rena Allswang for a root canal.

Find Emergency Care ASAP

Do you have tooth pain or lingering sensitivity? What about pus, an abscess, or changes in enamel color? Symptoms like these can indicate a root canal infection — so time is of the essence. Our dentists can diagnose the cause and provide the emergency dental care you need.

Preserve a Damaged Tooth With Gentle Root Canal Therapy

Dental infection can cause discomfort and threaten your oral and general health. Our Allen Park-area dentists, Drs. Mark Luria and Rena Allswang, have extensive experience detecting and treating infected teeth.

Root canal therapy, often referred to simply as a root canal, has a reputation for being unpleasant. However, today's root canal procedures are typically no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled, especially when performed by an experienced endodontics team. You can rest assured our dentists use the most conservative and endodontist-proven techniques to painlessly restore your tooth.

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Root Canal Infection Symptoms To Be Aware Of

When it comes to a root canal infection, you need to act fast, so that the bacteria has less time to spread. Signs that you may have infected pulp in your root canal can include:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Discomfort or pain near the affected tooth
  • Gum tenderness or inflammation
  • Darkened tooth enamel
  • Difficulty chewing comfortably
  • Small bumps or discoloration along the gums

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

When the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected with bacteria or damaged through trauma, it can lead to considerable discomfort. This is usually the surest sign that a root canal may be necessary

Tooth decay that is left untreated will eventually spread from the enamel and penetrate into the pulp cavity, which contains blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues. We use digital x-rays and other advanced technology tools to look into your tooth, evaluate your case accurately, and determine if a root canal is necessary.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy from our Dearborn team consists of several steps, but we'll break it down simply. Essentially, our dentists will clean out, protect, and strengthen a damaged tooth, so that you can leave our office with a healthy smile.

We Treat Our Patients Like Family Experience the Difference for Yourself

When you search for a dentist for a root canal, you want someone who has years of experience under their belt. Here at Dearborn Family Dentistry, we've been treating patients for over 70 years and have performed hundreds of root canals.

We're driven by the community we serve, the people we meet, and being able to positively impact our patients' lives. To request a consultation or learn more about endodontics, call our office in Dearborn, MI, at:

Drs. Mark Luria, Rena Allswang, and associates

A Compassionate Team Providing Premium Care


Linda K DeDeckere

Dearborn, MI


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Gentle care as always! Entire team are wonderful,caring people!

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Norman Konczal

Dearborn, MI


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As always Dr.Allswang and staff are the best i've ever had.

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What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal From Dearborn Family Dentistry?

Pain Relief

Tooth decay and infection can cause throbbing pain that may be unbearable to deal with. We eliminate tooth pain for good and grant our patients peace of mind.

Preserved Teeth

Extracting a tooth can lead to a misaligned bite or weakened jaw, causing more oral health problems. As a result, a root canal is always preferred over tooth extraction, if possible. 

Gentle Treatment

Most of our patients don't feel a thing during root canal treatment. We use gentle, conservative techniques to ensure your utmost comfort at all times.

Infection Prevention

An untreated infection can spread to surrounding teeth and gums, compromising your oral health and increasing the likelihood of costly treatment in the future.

Get to Know Our Friendly Team

If you're nervous about seeking care, let us introduce you to our friendly dentists. As you'll learn, our practice is driven by compassionate care — and we strive to make you feel better with dedicated treatment.

A Real Dearborn, MI, Patient's Root Canal Story

"I am ecstatic! I have a tooth that has bothered me for the last fifteen years and Dr. Allswang fixed it today by performing a root canal and putting a filling in it. My pain is gone! A great big thank you to you and your staff - you guys are the best." Greg Jenkins

What Happens If My Root Canal Goes Untreated?

A root canal infection will never resolve on its own. You will need a dentist or endodontist to clean out the pulp infection and bacteria. Delaying treatment can lead to serious structural damage for your tooth, an abscess, or even tooth loss.

We always choose to perform a root canal over a tooth extraction when possible. Even if you have delayed treatment and need more extensive care, like extraction and implant placement, we won't judge. Instead, we'll work with you to help you feel better.

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What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment uses advanced endodontics techniques to clean bacteria and infected pulp. Though it may sound confusing, we'll make sure you understand the process.
Seeing a dentist or endodontist immediately is crucial — and our team is here to help.
Seeing a dentist or endodontist immediately is crucial — and our team is here to help.

Root Canal Consultation

We will use digital x-rays and other advanced technology tools to look into your tooth, evaluate your case accurately, and determine if a root canal is necessary. If it is, we will plan your dental procedure.

Pain Relief and Relaxation

Our dentist will administer anesthesia to numb your tooth and surrounding gum tissue. You may also receive nitrous oxide to help calm any nerves.

Pulp Access

Once you're fully comfortable, our dentist will drill a small hole on the surface of your tooth. This provides access to the pulp.

Infection Removal and Sterilization

Next, our dentist will remove the infected tissue and sterilize the pulp chamber and root canals.

Interior Root Canal Filling

After that, our dentist will fill the area with a rubber-like dental material. It will provide strength, allowing your tooth to remain functional and intact.

Temporary Filling Placement

We ensure that patients always leave our office with a protected tooth. To make that possible, we will use a temporary filling to seal your enamel.

Crown Preparation

Your tooth will also be reshaped in preparation for a dental crown at a follow-up visit at our Dearborn, MI, office.

Crown Placement

You'll return to our office when your custom new crown is officially ready. We'll place it over your tooth, cementing it to the enamel.

Even in Stressful Times You Can Count on Our Caring Team



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Super friendly , gave me my smile back and had a plan of action that I did not get from my other dentist!

This staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of , I just can’t say enough!

My dental assistant Kailey was amazing very professional and personal and very good at her job !

Thanks a ton , now I can smile at my wedding this weekend!

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Danielle Srour

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This office is the absolute best dentist I have EVER gone to...Even though I went in as an emergency appointment Dr. Rena took her TIIMEE with me and did not rush my appointment whatsoever. The office itself is up to date, clean, and modern. They will do everything to make sure you are comfortable...In the dental chair you're offered a warm blanket to get you more comfortable. I was in so much pain and needed my tooth drilled, when I tell you I did NOT feel any pain and in a way & it was kind of relaxing... BELIEVE ME...If you are on the verge about choosing an office you'd be crazy not to go with this office.

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What Affects the Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

The cost of a root canal depends mainly on which tooth receives treatment. Your back teeth, known as the maxillary molars, contain three roots, while other teeth only have one root. The number of roots affects the cost of treatment. Finally, your restoration will also impact the price.

For your peace of mind, Dearborn Family Dental is upfront with all of our costs. We will provide you with an estimate before beginning treatment.

Info to Know About Paying for Your Root Canal

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We Accept Insurance

Thankfully, insurance will help with root canal therapy. Implants are not covered though, so seeing us in a timely manner can mean more affordable — and less intensive — care.

We Accept Cash and Cards

To supplement what insurance does not cover, you can pay with cash or most major credit cards.

We Accept Financing

Our Dearborn, MI, teams understands that the cost of dental care can be overwhelming. To help make your dental procedure more affordable, we accept CareCredit® financing.

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