Tooth Extraction Can Protect Your Overall Oral Health

A woman grimaces in painIf a tooth has become severely damaged due to decay, gum disease, or another concern, tooth extraction may prove necessary. In our Dearborn, MI, office, we perform both simple and surgical extractions. We can remove damaged teeth, as well as crowded and impacted wisdom teeth. Drs. Mark Luria and Rena Allswang are compassionate, highly trained, and experienced. They are equipped to provide you with a comfortable and tranquil treatment experience. In addition, they are experts in restorative care. If necessary, they can provide an appropriate restoration to replace your extracted tooth and maintain your complete dental function.

Do You Require Tooth Extraction?

Whenever it is feasible, it is always best to try and save a damaged tooth. However, in some cases, this may be impossible. An extraction may be the only way to keep oral issues⏤such as decay or infection⏤from spreading to your other teeth, your gums, and your jawbone. Therefore, we may recommend extraction if:

  • You have a very large cavity that is too big for a filling or a dental crown
  • You have a severely weakened tooth that cannot be preserved with traditional restorative treatment
  • You have a dental infection, and root canal therapy cannot fully eradicate the bacteria
  • You have another health condition or a compromised immune system, making root canal therapy too risky
  • You have a large crack that extends below the gum line and into your dental root
  • Your tooth has become trapped under the gums or jawbone tissue (an impacted tooth)
  • Your incoming wisdom teeth are crowding your other teeth
  • You need to remove a tooth in order to make room for orthodontic treatment
  • Extensive gum disease has weakened the jawbone and connective tissues around your tooth
  • Your tooth has broken off at or below the gum line

Dental extractions are typically performed for important health reasons. Because of this, they are often covered by dental insurance. We also accept payments through CareCredit® for patients whose insurance may not cover tooth extractions.  

What Happens during an Extraction?

Extractions are often a simple, routine procedure; however, depending on the circumstances of your case, an extraction could be a more complex process. Before a simple extraction, your dentist will usually numb the treatment area. Then he or she can easily remove the tooth from the socket. 

Our experienced doctors can determine whether you require a tooth extraction and can provide gentle, minimal-discomfort care.

If you have an impacted or broken tooth, you may require a surgical extraction. During this procedure, your dentist will lift the layer of gum or bone tissue that is covering your tooth. Then he or she can remove the tooth without disturbing the surrounding tissues. In some cases, your practitioner may need to take out the tooth in several pieces. Afterwards, you may require a few stitches. Because surgical extractions are more extensive, we can provide sedation with nitrous oxide to make you comfortable. We may also recommend sedation if you need to have multiple teeth removed.

Why Choose Dearborn Family Dentistry for Your Treatment?

The prospect of a dental extraction can be intimidating. However, when you visit Dearborn Family Dentistry, you can rest assured that our team will take the most conservative approach to your oral health. We will only extract a tooth if it is a necessity. We will use advanced technology to examine your mouth and determine whether you need a tooth removal. We are also committed to providing comfortable treatment. We will take time to answer any questions you may have about your procedure and help you feel confident about your treatment plan. Finally, we are able to provide a full range of the most advanced restorations, including dental implants. We craft all prosthetics in our on-site lab. Consequently, you can enjoy incredibly realistic results with a very fast turnaround and no need for referrals.

Could You Benefit from a Tooth Extraction?

If you are suffering from impacted teeth or another type of dental damage, call our office at (313) 565-5507 or contact us online today. Our experienced doctors can determine whether you require a tooth extraction and can provide gentle, minimal-discomfort care.

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