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Root Canal Therapy Alleviates Pain and Helps Preserve Your Tooth

Previously, a disease or injury to a nerve in the tooth meant that one had to lose the tooth entirely. That is no longer the case, as a result of gains made in root canal therapy. This dental procedure may require up to three visits to the dentist’s office to complete, but on the bright side, it offers little discomfort. Additionally, it enables the patient to retain his or her full smile.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

The way the tooth is made up is that each tooth contains pulp which is responsible for supplying nutrients. This pulp is then connected to the root. It is this pulp tissue that faces danger in the event that the pulp is injured or gets infected. Should one ignore the disease, a severe infection will occur and the risk of losing the tooth is greatly increased. The root canal therapy procedure is aimed at salvaging this situation. The dentist will typically remove the damaged pulp, try to reshape the canal and then seal the tooth and even strengthen it by fitting a crown to cover it.

Why the Need for Root Canal Treatment?

Ignoring an injury or disease will usually mean that the infection will spread over the whole tooth since the tooth is incapable of healing on its own. In such cases, abscesses will develop at the tip of the roots in the jawbone. These abscesses will usually cause extensive damage to the bone surrounding the tooth causing it to break down, loosening the tooth, and in some cases possible tooth loss may occur.

The only other option to such a situation may be a tooth extraction. There are consequences to loosing teeth that may result in the shifting of the teeth around the gap. This could cause the need for other procedures such as dental bridges or even dental implants.

How to Choose an Appropriate Dentist

Regular general dentist will usually be within the scope to handle a basic root canal so it is not exactly necessary to look for a specialist. It is considered a generally simple procedure in dentistry. One should however discuss all the possible solutions for any dental procedure.

What Causes Damage to Pulp Nerves?

Physical irritation and trauma are the leading causes of damage to pulp tissue. Trauma to the tooth will usually lead to nerve damage in teeth. This may be a result of heavy blows to the jaw and tooth area. Physical irritation on the other hand is usually caused by spreading tooth decay that intrudes on the nerves. This will result in infection as bacteria are able to make contact with the pulp nerves.

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