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Dental Implants Replace Tooth Roots to Fortify the Jawbone and Renew Oral Health

dental implant before and after photoDental complications have existed for as long as there have been teeth. For a long time, people who lost teeth had to content themselves with the few and limited options available: dentures and bridges. However, with massive research and improvements in dental health, breakthrough technology can now take dental care to a whole new level.

Dental implants integrate with the jawbone after they are placed, making them a near-perfect replacement for your lost tooth root. You might be wondering if dental implants are right for you.

Here are the six major advantages that you get when you opt for this form of dental care:

  • A natural look: Though artificial, dental implant restorations do not come in shiny colors that look robotic amidst your natural teeth. They are made to look and feel like your own teeth, and the implants match the shape and size of the other roots, so you cannot note a difference between the two. The implants are comprised of titanium, which is a good fusing material when it comes to your jawbone. Implants become permanent, so no foreign material will be moving loosely among your teeth.
  • Improved speech: With gaping spaces between your teeth, the tongue is likely to go wiggling here and there, causing you to mumble your words or have slurred speech. This not only exposes you to unfounded ridicule and embarrassment, but also increases the chances of you sending the wrong message to your audience without that intent. Improve your speech with dental implants that allow you to speak fluently and without hindrance.
  • Easier eating: Sliding dentures can be a very tricky part of eating, causing you untold discomforts when you have to chew on one side of your jaw all the time. Improve your capability to slice through food by fixing the implants that not only provide a holding point for your fake teeth but also make it easier to exert pressure from both ends of your mouth.
  • Convenience: If you had dentures then it will mean that you have to go through moments of removing them, making it another humiliating process especially when you reflect back to your lost teeth. However, with the permanence of dental implements and their functioning just like your own teeth, you can have the joy of eating and go.
  • Improved  general oral health: Dental implants do not force you to reduce the number of teeth in your mouth; neither do they require the modification of other teeth for offering support. It is therefore easier to maintain your oral health with implants, both in the short term and long term.

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