A General Dentist Can Enhance Your Smile and Quality of Life

General Dentistry

Image of mold of teethThe field of general dentistry may be foreign to many, especially those who have not researched how to maintain optimal oral health. General dentists evaluate teeth and give a diagnosis before trying to prevent or treat any disorder related to the oral cavity of the patient. It is in this field that issues related to oral hygiene and health are handled, preferably before they get worse.

When people discuss medicine, they rarely talk about dentists. This may be because not many people understand the importance of what dentists do. They may see dentistry as an "easy" field of medicine. Another reason why people look down on the field is because not many people visit dentists regularly. That clearly explains why oral health among many is quickly getting worse. In fact, dentistry is complex and quite interesting once one decides to deeply explore the field. 

Most specialists in this field tackle similar issues. However, one may note a difference in the names they use to refer to their profession. For example, one may notice that a dentist may be a DDS (doctor of dental surgery) or a DDM (doctor of dental medicine). Close scrutiny reveals that the two basically perform the same functions: the only difference between the two is the name. Both undergo the same education with the same curriculum.

Dentists go through four years of dental school, and at least three years of undergraduate education before taking their licensure exam. Upon passing the test, they can be called a general dentist. They may then specialize in a specific field. Post-graduate training is required before one can become a specialist such as an orthodontist or a periodontist. These specialists work on more complex cases.

But can one ever specialize enough? Well, the answer is no. Most people seem puzzled upon realizing that their practitioner is a general dentist and part of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). To them, this is a sign of under qualification on the part of the dentist. However, this is not the case. General dentists are required to undergo at least 70 hours of AGD training every three years. Continuing this type of education each year ensures that their licenses are up-to-date. Eventually, they end up offering better services and higher quality care to their patients.

As their name states, general dentists are not specialists. They address many oral health concerns, including cosmetic procedures, the repair of crowns and bridges, placing dental implants, oral surgery, and nutrition counseling. It is important to have regular checkups from your dentist, to keep your oral health superb.

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