Root Canal Therapy vs. Tooth Extraction: Which Option Is Best for You? By Mark Luria, DDS on February 15, 2023

dental x-ray after tooth extractionThe teeth are regularly exposed to sugars, acids, and starches that threaten tooth enamel and increase the risk of decay and infection. When dental damage occurs, restorative dentistry treatments repair the teeth to restore oral health, strength, and functions. 

Two of the most common solutions for root canal infection (one of the most advanced types of dental damage) are root canal therapy and tooth extraction. Dentists at Dearborn Family Dentistry in Dearborn, MI, help patients consider root canal therapy vs. tooth extraction and determine which is the best option for their unique situation.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a restorative dentistry treatment that eliminates infection from the pulp and roots of a tooth. During this procedure, infected nerves and tissues are removed from the tooth. The dentist then cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth down the length of the root canals. After eliminating bacteria and all signs of infection, the tooth is filled with a rubber-like compound. Finally, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to provide an added layer of strength and protection.

Root canal therapy saves a tooth from advanced infection and prevents further reinfection. Many of our Dearborn patients fear root canal therapy, but the procedure is straightforward and effective and helps eliminate pain caused by the root canal infection. Root canal therapy allows patients to preserve their natural teeth, do away with pain, and restore oral functions.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the professional removal of a damaged, infected, or impacted tooth. Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to protect adjacent teeth and gum tissues from infection or other dental complications. In preparation for tooth extraction, the treatment area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, dental tools are used to loosen and extract the tooth in its entirety, including the root system. After removing the tooth, the dentist cleans the tooth socket, smooths out the remaining bone, and closes the gums with sutures.

Tooth extraction leaves a space in the jaw that can threaten the position of adjacent teeth and compromise oral functions. It is recommended that our Dearborn patients replace extracted teeth with a dental restoration to avoid further complications. Tooth loss replacements include dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

Which Treatment Is Best?

Whenever possible, it is always best to save the natural teeth. Root canal therapy can successfully restore a damaged or infected tooth in many cases. However, there are situations where extraction may be necessary. Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction for:

  • Large cavities that cannot be repaired with a filling or crown
  • Advanced dental infection
  • Dental damage that extends beyond the gum line
  • An impacted tooth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Bone degeneration related to untreated gum disease

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Root canal therapy and tooth extraction are two options to consider when a tooth has been compromised by damage or decay. Dentists at Dearborn Family Dentistry would be happy to recommend the best treatment for you based on your unique dental situation. To schedule an appointment, send us a message online or call (313) 565-5507 at your earliest convenience.

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