How Much Are Dental Implants? By Mark Luria, DDS on February 22, 2022

dental implant cost factorsTooth loss compromises oral strength and functions while detracting from the beauty of the smile. To rebuild the smile after tooth loss, dentists often recommend dental implants. Dental implants are superior to other tooth loss treatments because they address the loss of both the roots and crown of a tooth. 

While dental implants are more advantageous than other missing teeth treatments, they can also be more costly. Individuals in the DearbornMI, area who are considering dental implant treatment with Dr. Mark Luria can learn more about dental implant expenses, and the factors that affect the ultimate cost of treatment.

What Is the Cost of a Dental Implant?

The cost of a dental implant varies based on the materials used to fabricate the implant, as well as where the implant is made. On average, a single dental implant can cost between $1,500 and $2,000. This covers only the cost of the implant itself, not the restoration that is affixed to the implant, nor additional treatment expenses. When all other factors are taken into account, it is more common for dental implant treatment to cost around $3,000 to $4,800 per implant.

Additional Dental Implant Treatment Expenses

There are several different components that make up the final cost of dental implant treatment. When we are providing our Dearborn patients with a cost estimate for dental implant treatment, we take all factors into consideration, including:

  • Preparatory procedures - Some patients are ready to have dental implants placed right away, but others may require preparatory procedures like tooth extraction, a bone graft, or sinus lift.
  • The number of implants - The number of implants placed will have a significant effect on final treatment costs. Patients may think they need a dental implant for each tooth that has been lost, but that is not necessarily the case. A full set of dentures can often be secured by a set of four to six dental implants.
  • The dental restorations - Dental implants can secure a full range of dental restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. The type of restoration that is placed will impact treatment cost.
  • Sedation - Dental implants are placed during an oral surgery procedure. Sedation dentistry is used to ensure patients remain comfortable throughout treatment. Sedation costs are separate from other dental implant expenses.
  • Surgeon fee - The fee charged by a dental implant surgeon may vary. Patients should choose a surgeon with plenty of experience and expertise in the area.

Fitting Dental Implants Into Your Budget

Dental implants are not cheap, but our Dearborn patients should consider them an investment in their smile. Dental implants not only restore the health, function, and aesthetics of the smile, but they also preserve healthy bone tissues to prevent further dental complications. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them well worth their cost. To make it easier for patients to fit dental implants into their budget, our dental practice is happy to work with CareCredit® financing, which breaks down treatment costs into affordable payments.

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If you have suffered adult tooth loss, Dr. Mark Luria can help you determine if dental implants are the right treatment option for you. To learn more about the treatment process and its cost, contact our dental practice online, or call (313) 788-8864 to schedule an appointment.

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