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Implant-supported Dentures Can Restore Your Quality of Life

Implant-supported dentures are prosthetics affixed to the bone of the jaw through dental surgery and the placement of dental implants and abutments. This is a complex process which wasn’t practiced until man made strides in developing innovative dental technology. This is a process that cannot be performed by just any dentist, but rather requires a specialist.

The main process involved is osseointegration. This is the use of titanium screws to form a direct interface or attachment between the denture and the bone. The denture is fixed carefully onto the bone. However, it should be noted that the prosthetic is not fixed immediately after implant placement, as the jaw needs time to heal. An abutment is added later on to hold the dental prosthetic in place.

There are two types of prosthetics available: removable and fixed. The difference is in how they are secured to the denture. The removable one is placed with an adapter and the two are fixed together at the base of the implant. The fixed prosthetic is secured by the use of lag screws.

As in any other process, not everything is constant. The healing rate of the jawbone is affected by substances, and also by certain activities. Drugs that have an effect on the gums may slow down the healing process. Stress placed on the denture also affects the capability of the implant to last.

Therefore, proper caution should be taken before the denture is fully secured to the bone. The positioning of the denture is key in making sure the results of the process are totally successful. The exact point at which the denture should be placed is determined through computer tomography, in which the angle and positioning of the adjacent teeth are checked. It is from this analysis that dentists establish exactly where to place the implant. Bone grafting may be required to fortify bone tissue.

It should be noted that complications may arise both during the process and after the process. During the surgery, a patient may suffer bleeding and nerve injury. This may result in problems later. Short-term effects may include infections related to oral health, and failure to form an interface. The long-term effect one may experience is a mechanical injury. Nevertheless, implant-supported dentures present a highly effective permanent method of replacing missing teeth.

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